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cynthia mittleider 5 STAR REVIEW.png

Kathryn C

Cynthia REALLY knows the process, so she makes sure everyone involved is on the "up and up". For us she also helped us with our sale paperwork. We were talking about having to travel back to our old location to sign sale paperwork and she said no reason that had to happen, we should be able to have the paperwork sent to a local title company for us to sign. She called our other realtor and set it up. She has lots of contacts for inspections and the like which is so critical if moving from out of town and you don't know anyone. She also had contacts for contractors for some modifications we wanted to make to turn the house into "our place". She helped set up a portal for us and even drove us around so we could really see what was happening in the marketplace before we actually "got serious". The absolute most important thing is to have someone really competent, which Cynthia is, but she was just also a lot of fun to work with too---the "icing on the cake".

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